Cleaning Tips for the Christmas Season

This is just a quick reminder of how to clean your house in an hour and a half before guests arrive. I am easily distracted and will stop to read a magazine or read an email in the middle of my cleaning. Two hours later I’m just starting to dust the furniture and I need to be in the shower. I’ve found a remedy to this (for me) and I hope it will help you, too. My house is 2,600 Sq. Ft to give you an idea of the size I’m tackling in this amount of time.

First, go through your house with a laundry basket and collect everything that is out of place. Then take your laundry basket to each room and put those things where they go. This way once you begin your cleaning, you will not get distracted and begin other tasks before the current one is finished.

At this point you can set a stop watch or a timer to keep your head in the game. Perhaps try to beat your time from the last quick clean. Timers work wonders for me when I use them. I’ll give myself 30 minutes to check email, 1 hour for goal setting and list making, etc. etc. But, see, here I am distracted again… back to cleaning!

When I vacuum, I do not turn it off until I am finished. If I see something that needs doing (like I find something in the floor that I don’t want to vacuum), I leave the vacuum running while I put the item in the trash. Hearing the vacuum running keeps me focused and encourages me to get back to it quickly. I use the vacuum on all floors for a quick clean.

Leave it running.
Leave it running.

I do the same thing when I dust. Now this is a quick cleaning so use a feather duster. I do not allow myself to put the duster down. As long as it is in my hand, I will keep dusting and not sort my magazines that have piled up over the last few months.

Do not put it down.
Don’t put it down.

So, once my house is vacuumed and dusted, it ‘s time to wipe counters and swish toilets. I do the same thing with my sponge. I spray it with cleaner, wipe the counters in every bathroom and then move on to the toilets.

Since I don’t like carrying wet brushes through my house, I have a brush in every bathroom. I take the toilet cleaner (we use Lysol) with me to each bathroom. Again, don’t set it down. We really can use both hands while cleaning. I’m not cleaning tubs or showers unless they REALLY need it.

Blowing off the Screened Porch
Blowing off the Screened Porch

Once I’m all hot and sweaty from working so fast, I head outdoors where I can cool off, while cleaning the porch. I use my electric blower instead of a broom and it’s done lickety split. (I cheated in this photo, I blew out the dirt first and then took the picture. It was just too nasty to show you.) So embarrassing, but hey, it’s cold outside!

Then I begin my glass cleaning with the same motto. Keep the towel in my hand until this chore is finished.

Glass Cleaning
Glass Cleaning

Then, I can walk through my house to check for anything I’ve missed. I might at this point spot mop the hardwoods – not the whole floor, just places where our sweet pup has cleaned her face after eating!


It’s time for Christmas to begin!

Moving too quickly can sometimes cause accidents.
Moving too quickly can sometimes cause accidents.

One word of caution, however, be careful as you move quickly. Accidents happen. I broke my feather duster.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Tips for the Christmas Season

  1. I did all that today and tomorrow Dustin will come and help me cover my furniture on the porch for winter. I cover my porch furniture so in the spring all that pollen will not settle on my furniture. That makes for extra work. I still wonder where you got all your organizational skills. They are great!!!

  2. I don’t understand your method. Would you mind coming over to my house and showing me???
    Actually, I like the tip of keeping the vacuum running – I’m easily distract . . .ed.

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