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Christmas Party at The Bull – Mobile, Al

Last Friday night we attended a company Christmas dinner party at The Bull. It is a family owned restaurant in downtown Mobile, AL.

The Bull - Mobile, AL


From the name of the restaurant, you might think it’s barbecue, or a steakhouse, but no.  It is so much more. I expected to walk in to an atmosphere of horns on the walls, stalls for seating, and old-fashioned lanterns for lighting, but it was brick walls, white tablecloths, and a menu that read more like an upscale restaurant from NYC, than little ole Mobile, AL.  I was very impressed.

We sat at a table for six and all enjoyed our entre immensely. The service was impeccable. Our waitress never once let our glasses empty. She was the sweetest little thing, and reminded me of  Sally Pressman from “Army Wives”. Yes, she was blonde, precious and thought of every need before it was ever expressed.

Photo Credit: The Bull Facebook Page
Photo Credit: The Bull Facebook Page

The appetizers included the most delicious crab cake balls I’ve ever tasted. They were lightly breaded with mostly crab and little stuffing in the mix and were obviously fried quickly in very hot oil. They were divine.

I had a Grilled Hearts of Romaine Caesar Salad and it was to DIE for. I could have made a meal out of the salad, with fried capers, parmesan reggiano, baby heirloom tomatoes and deviled eggs. Yes, you read that correct, deviled eggs with a Caesar Salad and the lettuce was grilled. Delish. My pictures were made with my cell phone and even after editing, are not the best, so please realize they do NOT do this place justice.

Grilled Caesar Salad

My entre was surely the most delicious on the menu, although, I did overhear others in the party confessing the same perfection from their meals. My grilled ribeye with purple mashed potatoes, roasted tomatillos, ancho and chorizo glacé will feed me again tomorrow. (I probably could have eaten it all in one sitting, but I didn’t want it to end, so I only ate half.)

Their wine list is extensive. The Chocolate Lava Cake was a decadent, sinful thing, that if I were Catholic, I’d be seeing the priest about tomorrow. But, I’m a protestant, so no harm no foul. There will be no pictures on the grounds that it might incriminate me.

The Bull is in the neatest part of town with old town Mobile surrounding this nuance of modification. Walking to my car after dinner, I felt I had been transported to an old part of town that I was obviously dressed too modern to be seen in.

And, once in my car, even a traffic stop by an Alabama State Trooper, could not demolish my feeling of having participated in something special. In my state of euphoria, from good food, great conversation and an excellent old town atmosphere, I could have sworn this trooper was also a blast from the past. I kept looking in my rearview mirror for a 1960’s Ford sedan, but no, it was a jeep or SUV of some sort – jolting me back into 2013 and the possibility of a ticket. He was a generous trooper though, and since I had no history of speeding, he let me go with a warning.

1964 Ford Alabama State Trooper VehiclePhoto Credit:

All said and done, it was a great night. I had a wonderful time. Jennifer and I have decided that we are BFF’s, in spite of our age differences. She’s the beauty on the right in the picture below. Like I’ve said in numerous posts, I love it when I’m on the coast, and I love it when I’m in the Magic City. It truly can be “A Wonderful Life,” when we look for it.

Two of Our Six

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