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8 Cute Before and After Thrifting Updates

Last month CoziNest was busy doing lots of thrifting updates. I decided to set up a work table in a bedroom and do several projects at one time. It was like a fun little assembly line of treasures. I absolutely love giving a little extra love to something someone else has decided has seen its best days. Enjoy these before and after thrifting updates. 

Before and After Thrifting Updates

thrifting updates

Here are a few of the projects. From left to right, a set of three green glass canisters, a French Cafe Clock in aqua, a sign that wasn’t selling in my booth and another little blank sign I picked up. Here’s what I did to each one. Let me know your thoughts.

Green Glass Canisters

I’m a YouTube addict now that my sister shared with me some of the channels she follows. After watching a DIYer use spackling to update some old glass vases, I thought I would try it on these glass canisters. I love how they turned out. What do you think?

set of 3 green canisters

Here are the three canisters with their lids.

Greased Lightning

First thing I did was lightly sand the glass, wipe off dust and then clean thoroughly with Greased Lightning.

DryDex Spackling

Next I applied spackling to the glass where I wanted to add texture. I allowed it to dry overnight. I then lightly sanded it again to smooth out any uneven places.

pink spackle on glass

Then I painted them with Valspar Paint and Primer. I stuffed the inside with plastic bags to prevent leakage of paint inside the jars. I wanted to keep the inside safe for food. Then I painted them with Dixie Belle White Mineral Paint.

three canisters after dixie belle paint

Dixie Belle Thrifting Update

I sealed them with Polyacrylic. And they are now in the booth, ready for someone else to love them.

white canisters


Small Stenciled Signs, Wall Hooks and Clock

Bath Wall Decor

Bath Decor

I think these turned out so cute! I simply painted them with primer and then black Dixie Belle paint. I picked up the stencil at Hobby Lobby and used white acrylic paint from my craft supplies.

wall hooks before

Here are the wall hooks before I painted and added a Silhouette vinyl to each.

his and her wall hooks
His and Her wall hooks


White tabletop clock

It won’t hurt my feelings if I have to bring this clock back home! I painted it white and lightly distressed the edges. 

I got word that my corner curio sold, so I needed something to replace it in the booth. I picked up a crescent shaped desk from Waterfront Mission in Foley and got to work on it pronto. I don’t like things sitting in the floor of my booth! And I fell in love with the shape of this desk.

Crescent Shaped Desk

desk front before painting

Someone had painted the legs in a shabby chic method and left the top in natural wood. I sanded the whole thing, cleaned the hardware, primed and then painted with Valspar Paint and Primer in one. I sealed with Polyacrylic. The hardware was not very pretty, so I spray painted it in an antique brass. I love how it turned out!

Backside of Desk

White Desk for Sale
White desk with gold handles.

For now it is loaded with great finds for my Valentine’s shoppers. Let me know what you like the best. There were two other candlesticks that somehow I didn’t get the before picture of, but here is how they turned out. They had a sticky residue on them in rusty red. After I cleaned them, the sticky went away. ;). So, I was pleased with the outcome. I loved the modern shape. I think they will fit in any decor, from Farmhouse to Modern.


white modern candlesticks

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I refurbished these few items. I hope it inspires you to save something from a landfill. If you like these ideas, please invite me back to your inbox. I only visit your inbox when I have some really fun updates, news or tips to share, about once per month. Thanks for reading today. Be blessed!

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