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As Happy as Can Be!

I have a confession to make. I know you all may be a bit shocked by this, especially if you are my age or older. I’ve done some things in life I’m not so proud of. I have said things that make me wish I could truly eat my own words.  But all in all, I’m happy to be at this stage of life. There I admitted it. The empty nest is just not that bad!

One of the great things about being an empty-nester is that we no longer stress over what others think or say about us. What a sense of peace that is! We are just as happy as can be! No more worry about what Suzy Q might say to Debbie Downer. If Gossip Gladys tells the Garden Club that she thinks you squandered your retirement in Vegas, you are now mature enough to look the other way. At your next Garden Club meeting, you gently place an over-sized floppy hat on Gladys’ head, look the other way and whisper (in a real gossipy voice) “Don’t you agree that small-minded people make the best gossips!?”

The Best Gossips

If people are going to talk anyway, why not give them something to talk about!? You are the fun one, who has finally realized one major life lesson.

People who are bold enough to say things they shouldn’t, should be big enough to take it when you respond in kind.



Most of our enemies are mellowed out by now.

Envy is no longer a problem.

Why? Because the stuff we envied at one time is just crap that has been donated, trashed or handed down to children by now. The things the younger ones are envious of today, we no longer want to invest the time to learn how to use. Instead, we are envious of their time, their eye contact and the sound of their voices.


At this point in our life, we have history. We have lots of beautiful memories and some not so beautiful. We realize that only a handful of people really understand the ups and downs that have made us the people we are today. We have pride in the good choices, remorse for the not-so-good and discretion to know which ones to talk about and which ones Gladys may exaggerate at Garden Club. We are satisfied with our achievements and somewhat at rest with our failures.


Our minds are open to new possibilities, new hobbies and new friendships. We no longer care if our likes are nerdy or our dislikes are old-fashioned. We are wise beyond our years and that my friend … is saying something!


This is true contentment. Being as happy as can be regardless of what others think of us. And as confessions go, I’m not too embarrassed by this one.


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