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An Empty Hospital Bed

When thinking about this week’s generosity post, I couldn’t get the picture of my brother-in-law in his hospital bed out of my mind. Dave is a hero in our family, as I wrote about here, and once again, he is my inspiration for today’s post.

No rest for those in hospital beds

As I’m sure you all can attest, there’s truly no rest for the sick in a hospital. Nurses visit your room at all hours, doctors visit before the sun rises and people are buzzing in and out with food trays, hospital surveys, and housekeeping chores. In between all of that is when you are suppose to recover from having an organ removed.

But as is his custom, with each visit from a doctor, nurse or orderly, Dave responded with kindness and obedience. If his instructions were to breathe into a handheld instrument every time he woke up, he did it. If they said he needed to sit up on the side of the bed. He did it. Walk down the hall… well, you get the picture. This is where my spiritual wheels began to turn.

Sickbeds of the world

We are all on some sort of sickbed in this world today. We suffer from domestic violence, divorce, bullying, impossible schedules, caring for and losing our loved ones, loneliness, financial difficulties, infertility, depression and the list goes on and on… But, what if …

We responded to our PHYSICIAN the way Dave responded to those in charge of his care? An Empty Hospital Bed

Could our PHYSICIAN sanitize our lives in ways that at the very least, dulls the pain of our infirmities? Is it possible to kill the germs that cause our sorrow through prayer? Could there be more empty hospital beds than waiting rooms?

Of course, as we all know, we live in a fallen world and as such, the “poor will always be with us” and there will always be sorrow. However, there are two little words that have been spoken into our lives that can breathe health into our individual worlds.

Trust and Faith

What if we trusted our PHYSICIAN as easily as we do our doctors and nurses? What if our faith was sure that HE has our best interest at heart?

An Empty Hospital Bed

Could the waiting rooms be filled with empty chairs?

Exactly, what is the difference between trust and faith?

Faith means being sure of things we hope for and knowing that something is real even if we do not see it. Faith is the reason we remember great people who lived in the past.

“Trust is confidence placed in a person or thing to be held or used for the benefit of others.

“a trust was set up”

synonyms: safekeeping, protection, charge, care, custody; trusteeship

“the money is held in trust for his son”

If I give charge of my property [my life] to His Son, He will take custody of and care for that property. That doesn’t mean that there will be no pain. Doctors ask us to rate our pain in order to give the proper amount of medication. In our prayer time, we can do the same and trust that just the right amount of intervention will be given.

An Empty Hospital Bed

An Empty Hospital Bed

As wives, mothers, daughters and sister-in-laws, we want to take away the pain that lives in our loved one’s lives, but we can’t. We wait in hallways of despair, wringing our hands and wanting so desperately to change the circumstances. What if…

We trusted our Physician?

An Empty Hospital Bed

We had faith in the One we cannot see?


What if our Physician wants to care for or heal our infirmities so that we empty our hospital beds and share faith-stories with future generations?





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