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Advice from a Southern Mama

Advice from a Southern Mama in Alabama

Please enjoy this fun guest post from Leslie Anne Tarabella from Fairhope, AL. And since this post was published, I’ve shared another saying about pearls… straight from the Good Book.

Pearls go with everything, except swine.


So nice to be asked to guest host today! Kim and I have had so much fun getting to know each other. It’s always nice to meet people who share your interests. Common interests and experiences seem to run deep in the South, binding us to one another unlike any other place. That’s why my post, “Advice From A Southern Mama” has resonated so well with my readers. We’ve all known a Mama like this!


Thanks for reading, and come visit me sometime at Fairhope Supply Co. 

Advice From A Southern Mama

 Southern Mamas have a way of saying what they mean – with a little twist.

I polled the gang at last month’s meeting of the LAWDY Club (Lower Alabama Whine and Dine, Y’all) and here are the results of advice their Mamas gave.

Stretch Pearl Rhinestone Bracelet

So here you go . . .


 Or for the boys, “Don’t marry a girl who can’t cook grits.”

                                                            “Wear clean underwear in case you are in an accident.”                                                          (I think that one may be bi-partisan (across the Mason-Dixon Line)

 “If you don’t want to hold it in your hand, don’t let it come out of your mouth.”



 “The soap” can also be substituted with “your Daddy” or “a switch.”

 “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone.”



 “If you don’t stop that crying, I’ll give you something to cry about!”

 “Darlin’, what kind of Coke do you want?”

 “Not all women are ladies.”


“I’m goin’ to yank a knot in your tail!”

 “Stand completely still ’till he opens the door for you.”

pearl drop earrings

and last but not least . . .

Advice from a Southern Mama

 What did your Mama say to you?

Pearl and Rhinestone Post Earrings

Leslie Anne is the sweetest thing. I knew within 5 minutes of our first conversation that she was someone I wanted to spend time with and after this post, I’m sure you’ll want to, too. Be sure and check out her blog. It’s as sweet as she is!


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