About Me

About Me

Kim Burdette – Writer, Wife, Mom, Believer

Years ago, I went to a Women’s Conference at our local church where Anne Ortlund spoke about her book “Celebration of Discipline”. During that weekend I discovered how peaceful my life could be if I added a little more organization and discipline to my daily life.  The first thing I did was put together a binder that became my planner for life. Now this was in the late 80’s, long before planners became such a creative part of our lives. It started out as a three-ring binder with tabs for addresses, calendars and menu planning. I put EVERYTHING in that binder including sermon notes and prayers.

Shortly after that, I read Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits for Highly  Effective People” and fell in love with his purpose driven disciplines. In particular I loved naming my roles in life and focusing each day on how I can bless those related to those roles. As a mother, what can I do this week for my children? How can I bless my husband, as his wife? Etc. Etc. It also made what some might deem as mundane chores, a more delightful task simply because I was doing it FOR someone.

About My Nest

Jump forward 30+ years and I’m still using these same principles to try and live a purposeful life in the empty nest. My roles have expanded to mother-in-law or as Emily Barnes used to say, “in-love” not only law! So, I’ll often refer to them as my daughter or son-in-love. This blog is a place where I hope to inspire other women in their various roles through writing, faith and creative ideas to fill the empty nest. I so hope to fill my role as inspirational blogger here and be a blessing in your life in some small way. Don’t hesitate to comment and share your empty nest ideas or simple ways to bless those who benefit from your roles in life. Let’s spread joy where we can!


The CoziNest Story

CoziNest @ Daphne Antique Galleria opened in February 2017 with high quality antique offerings that provided beauty, comfort, function and simplicity at affordable prices. We expanded and moved to Southern Antiques and Accents in Fairhope, AL shortly after. After 4 1/2 years in the antique business, we decided to retire to a lovely little lake house in Southside, Alabama. In June of 2022, I closed the business and decided to get back to writing which has always been my first love. I pray God’s blessings on all who visit here.



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