CoziNest is dedicated to women celebrating their own empty nest.
CoziNest Vision
Simplicity. Function. Comfort. Beauty.
When you purchase an antique or accessory from CoziNest, you are bringing a bit of charm and mystery into your home. We’ve sifted through the old days and found a piece of pride, timeless and elaborately crafted for that perfect place in your home.
Excellent craftsmanship is timeless. Furnishings last for decades and in some cases, even centuries. The CoziNest commitment to you is this: In this ever-increasingly disposable age, we will continue to search the landscape for valuable pieces that you can cherish, even if it’s just for a little while.
The CoziNest Story

CoziNest @ Southern Antiques and Accents opened in February 2017 with high quality offerings that provide beauty, comfort, function and simplicity at affordable prices. It has quickly become a  delightful business that I love. Welcome to CoziNest where creativity, wisdom and laugh lines are cherished!
P.S. I’m always looking for new features. Send me an email if you have a story/recipe/photo/fashion tip that would tell the tale of a beautiful woman over 50.
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My Empty Nest Story

Kim Burdette

Kim Burdette

Author/Founder of CoziNest Antiques

So, your youngest child has moved out and although you are busy with work, hobbies and planning for retirement, you find yourself sad and missing the call of  “Mom!” That was my story, too, until the day a friend set me straight.
My son moved to NYC 7 years ago and last year he moved again; to Los Angeles. I live in Alabama. Then, we moved our daughter (and youngest) to begin her new life in Orlando, FL. I convinced myself for about 10 days that I would never see my grandchildren and that all of my nest building for the last 30 years was in vain.
Then my friend said this to me: “Wow! You obviously did something right to have such independent children!”
What wisdom! It was the perfect thing to say. It seemed worth sharing. It dawned on me that there are lots of women out there just like this friend of mine. Beautiful. Wise. Intelligent. and Over 50.