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A Blanket of Bubbles

Relaxing from head to toe under a blanket of bubbles is a luxury that I have always enjoyed, but never more than now that I am over 50. In the winter, slipping into a warm bath washes away the cold. Here in the south, we had an unnatural number of cold days, so baths were especially nice. In the summertime, I’ve been known to congeal in a bath of lavender or ginger milk.

The bubbles are a prism of color glimmering in the soft glow of a candle, helping to wash away the stresses of the day. The warmth of the water softens the hard edges of life, as well as the skin. The steam that rises from a hot bath draws impurities from our skin and relaxes the nervous system.  Whether your tub is footed with a claw, built in with jets or a simple soaker tub, an evening of luxurious relaxation is only a few minutes away; especially if you keep all the necessary products on hand.

Thymes Aqua Coralline

If you are looking for luxury bath products, I have a few to share with you today; beginning with Thymes. This is a purely delightful product created by two friends over 30 years ago. Fragrance is a part of our everyday lives and it can illicit pleasant memories, comforting thoughts and relaxing peace. I know of a few female writers who get their most creative ideas while soaking in a bath. Thymes must have had a clue…

“Life is most interesting when lived somewhere between what is certain and what makes us curious, between what is visible and what is yet unseen. Where understanding gives way to mystery, and black and white open up to many hues that color our lives.” Their inspiration is found “where time-honored wisdom is combined with new ideas.”


Time spent in the solitude of a nice, warm bath, could be the inspiration of your next masterpiece – whatever your art form. This picture is part of my inspiration for my own bathroom. I love the glass, silver, and all of the white soaps. Such a pretty display, and I’ll never run out of soap.

Niven Morgan


The next product on my list is by Niven Morgan. A young entrepreneur who grew up on a Louisiana farm, is now traveling the world to find the essence of luxurious fragrances.

 “Steeped in all things sumptuous, Morgan’s appreciation of art, fashion, interior design and culture are evident in his ingredients and packaging — elements that keep his celebrity and habitual clientele coming back for more.”

I’ve never met Mr. Morgan, but we sure have a lot in common. I just wish I could bottle my love for art, fashion, design and culture and sell it to millions! Instead, I’ll just write about all things that relate and give it to you. Perhaps, I can enrich just one life with a little tidbit from my adventures. It’s all about enjoying everyday we are given and appreciating the gifts and talents of those around us. Bottling fragrances is one such gift.

Niven Morgan Lavender Mint


My  personal favorite for this spring is the Lavender Mint. Just the name sounds both relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

Jean Baptist


And then there’s the Jean Baptiste 1717, which is rich in the scents of water hyacinth and jasmine.

“Niven Morgan’s Jean Baptiste 1717 celebrates New Orleans past and present and its founding father, Jean Baptiste le Moyne de Bienville, the aristocrat who established the city in 1717 as the capital of French Louisiana. His original settlement survives to this day as the Vieux Carré, or French Quarter.”

Wouldn’t this make a nice gift for babysitters back home while visiting New Orleans? You can find his products in several of the upscale hotels.



I was first introduced to Tocca in Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Hotel in Pensacola during a business stay. I will admit to snatching all the small hotel size bottles and bringing them home. The scent was delightful and it’s all gone now.

I know just the place to find all of these products now. If you are in the Mobile area, stop in at The Ivy Cottage. They have all of these and so much more. If it smells good and/or feels good, you will find it there. The folks in there are so nice, too. This was my first shopping experience with them, and they made me feel as if I’d been a life-long patron.

The Ivy Cottage - Mobile, AL

Soaking in a bath is inspiring, and in this heavily “pollened” spring, it’s a necessity. We may as well enjoy the experience and who doesn’t love bubbles?

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