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A Basement for Christmas

My friend Denise has been steadily re-decorating her new house for months now. Once in a while I am blessed with a few more pictures of their remodel that I am happy to share with you. It has all been a labor of love, as they both truly enjoy projects around the house. Today, I am featuring her basement that she now has remodeled, unpacked and ready for the holidays.

This is the Recreation Room before they bought the house.This is the Recreation Room/Basement before they bought the house.

Bar AreaThe bar area before. This daylight basement must have been a big draw for their family.

Painting the Walls

The walls were a caramel color prior to Denise getting a brush to them.  And now they are a light, refreshing green called Chatroom, by Sherwin Williams.

A new basement for Christmas


Image 8

And even before the flooring goes in, doesn’t this look so much brighter, lighter and open? Paint can work wonders in a room, as you can see with this transformation. Great choices.Flooring

As I mentioned, her hubby-do is pretty handy around the house and installed their new flooring himself. This Antique Oak by Style Selections is looking so good. And don’t be fooled by his bent-over posture, Rick is in good shape to be tackling these jobs! Every single board will be perfect before the tools are put away.

Bar Area

And just like I said, no more tools and the floor looks fabulous.

I love her “deer server” in front of the bar and of course there is a tree on the counter. Very tasteful and not overdone.

Ta Da! A Finished Basement

And with this view, we have a finished basement. All ready for Santa. Even the blankets in the basket are red and green. For more tips and ideas from Denise, read my Organizing Jewelry post. Merry Christmas, Denise and Rick!!!

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