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A Blithesome Backyard Wedding with 4 Shamrocks and 3 Leprechauns

I’m so excited to share with you this months’ inspirational wedding idea. How about a backyard wedding with 4 shamrocks and 3 leprechauns? Before you start counting shamrocks and leprechauns in this post, I added those numbers because they equal the lucky number 7. You can have as many or as few at your wedding as you want. 😉

While you may not be dreaming of a snow covered lawn on your big day, I had to share this cute just-married garland idea for a fun couples’ photo. This lucky-in-love wedding day highlights fresh shades of green, horseshoes, rainbows and pots of gold.


Backyard Wedding with Shamrocks and Leprechauns

A Backyard Wedding

Begin the festivities with a game of horseshoes set up on a side lawn for guests to play. Add a Guinness bar and your guests will be happy for hours while your photographer snaps family photos.


In case of rain, how about a back-up plan that includes emerald green velvet chairs indoors. If you can’t find them, how about making slipcovers for your folding chairs? Or tie velvet ribbon around the aisle seat of each row?


Add a Little Vintage to the Theme


The bouquet pictured above is gorgeous, but what caught my eye in this photo is the chair! I know you may be thinking, “but it’s all rusty!” I know! It’s the perfect touch of rustic for an outdoor Irish wedding. What would tickle my funny bone even more, would be to shop ahead of time for different chairs and paint them all the same soft green hue! Then, sand them a bit here and there to create your own “loved and worn” look.


And wouldn’t it be buckets of fun to add a pot of clover and fresh flowers to the rows of chairs as you walk down the aisle? The small ones pictured above are from Happy Blog and are to be used as wedding favors. But larger, gold pots placed beside each row would be fun, too!

Backyard Wedding Game

Another fun idea is to play a game at the reception fashioned after the Christmas Elf. Instead of an elf, you would, of course, use leprechauns that get into all sorts of mischief in your backyard.

Have a scavenger hunt where guests search for items or clues related to the happy couple. Each item is discovered where a leprechaun is mischievously hiding the item. Choose items that might be a little embarrassing for the bride or groom or something that reveals something no one knows about them.

Prizes will, of course, be found at the end of the rainbow. Click on the image below to see how to make these darling little pots of gold.

pot of gold dessert


Oh! Oh! Instead of rose petals dropped down the aisle, how about gold coins?  Yes, this wedding theme excites me! And, I’m not Irish! Although, I have been accused of living the life of Riley. So how would you decorate a St. Patty’s Day wedding venue? Whatever you do, be sure not to get pinched! Wear something green.


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