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4 Reasons To Use Your Fine China NOW

Welcome Fall Tablescape Blog Hop


Welcome Fall! One of the main reasons I encourage you to use your fine china is to create a lovely Tablescape for Fall. I’m so excited to join this warm, fun and creative bunch of bloggers. We have come together to share our ideas with you for a festive table this Autumn. You’ll find their creative masterpiece links at the bottom of this page. Before you scroll, check out these 4++ reasons to use your fine china now!

fine china fall tablescape

4 Reasons to use your fine china NOW!

You can’t give it away. You can’t take it with you. Nobody else is using it right now. Fine China is art. It is pretty and makes everyone feel special when you serve with it. So, I think I have found more than 4 reasons to use your fine china and I’m about to blow some minds with one more… You can put it in the dishwasher!

anniversary flowers

#1 You can wash it in the dishwasher

I know there are those who adamantly disagree, but I am 60 years old and this is how I’ve done it for most of my fun, partay-filled life. I’ve used my fine china for my parents’ golden anniversary, bridal showers, baby showers, our anniversary, birthdays and during the holidays. After each use, I rinse off the plates and put it in the dishwasher. I make sure to space them apart so they don’t chip. Then, I turn off the heat and use the shortest cleaning cycle on the panel. As soon as the dishwasher is finished, I prop open the door to let any moisture escape and allow the dishes to air dry. The silver is in tact around the edges and none of it is chipped.

fall fine china placesetting

#2 You can’t take it with you

wafers and milk

Being 60 is another reason I say USE YOUR FINE CHINA NOW!! Use it for Sunday dinner at the table and use it to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from a TV tray! You only live once. What are you waiting for? How special does the occasion have to be for you to pull a few pieces out of the china cabinet?

vanilla wafers on fine china

table for two with fine china

#3 Nobody else is using it

The plight of fine china makes me sad. Young brides aren’t registering for it because it’s too much trouble, they no longer want to store it in a china cabinet and it’s too expensive for everyday use. At least these are the reasons I hear.  I had a beautiful luncheon set by Noritake in my booth for over a year and these are the reasons people shared for not being interested. Once I marketed it as a sweet little tea set for a flower girl gift, it sold pretty quickly. But the price was not near what it’s worth.  That’s why I say you can’t give it away.

shepherd smoker

#4 You can’t give it away

A friend shared with me recently about her offer to give her granddaughter her fine china. She wanted her to have it now instead of it becoming part of an inheritance. Her granddaughter was very sweet and appreciative, but shared her reasons why she should give it to someone else. She included all the reasons I’ve stated here and finished with not wanting to hand wash dishes after occasions that were exhausting to plan in the first place. Can you relate?

jewel water goblets

I remember those evenings after a fantastic party or get together. I’d plan for weeks ahead of time. Make lists and shop and chop and bake and ice. Then in a flash it’s all over. The guests are in their cars, and the porch light is out. Then I’d return to the kitchen with kids needing a bath, food needing stored away, a stack of dishes in the sink and the dog whining at the back door. The last thing I wanted to do was wash dishes. So I didn’t. I stuck those babies in the dishwasher and tucked the kiddos under the covers.

Bonus: #5 Fine China is art and fun to collect

I am a dish lover! It never mattered to me if it was fine or everyday china. I had salad plates for every occasion. Winter snowmen, pretty hearts on Valentines, leprechauns for St Paddy’s Day and cute little chicks or bunnies for Easter. In the summer, I’d proudly display the Stars and Stripes on my table indoors and watermelons on the porch. Autumn would bring out bird plates and pumpkins which quickly transitioned into turkeys and pilgrims. And of course, the year always ended with my favorite original Cuthbertson, Christmas Tree china. I also had the “You are Special Today” plate that I brought out on each family member’s birthday.

dollar tree

I wasn’t picky about where I purchased my dishes either. If I found something I liked at Old Time Pottery, I snagged it. I bought chargers, napkin rings and placemats at Pier 1, the Dollar Tree, Williams Sonoma  and Sur la Table. I loved using unusual items for placemats, like wreaths, wrought iron plaques meant for the walls, ceiling tiles, and magnolia leaves from the yard. Before Pinterest, I would scour magazines and books for ideas, walk the aisles of department stores and of course I’d hang out in the fine china department of Macy’s during any holiday season to see how they displayed the newest pieces. One of my favorites is Old Country Roses.

wood charger

It doesn’t have to match

Many of the pieces I’ve collected have come from an end of the year clearance. I decided that I wanted a silver edged pattern to mix with my gold edged pattern. So, at the end of the year, I’d go to a local store here in Fairhope and buy one or two pieces. What I’ve ended up with are some of my very favorite pieces. And it is with these pieces that I’m setting my Fall table this year. It’s not fancy. It’s not everyday. It doesn’t match. It’s just fun. I hope you enjoy this and all the other Fall tablescapes in this blog hop I was privileged to join. Please leave comments if you love these ideas. And feel free to share or pin! We all love it when that happens!

mismatched china

salad plate mismatched

fine china fall tablescape

Now browse away and go pull out your fine china! The time is NOW!

Don’t forget to check out these tablescapes! Happy Fall Ya’ll!



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